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Paper Killer | Point&Click Adventure Game!

2010-05-29 21:21:05 by FlashGround

Hi Newgrounds,
2 months ago I started working on "Paper Killer" game. It's still in development but I think I will submit it soon!

"How far are you prepared to go, to save someone you don't know".
Story about serial killer who kills victims in sick games planned by him.

* Point&Click Adventure with puzzles
* 3 Acts, 9 long stages on different places (House, Train, Hotel and more)
* Awsome and thrilling story about Paper Killer, badass ending.
* Further you go, puzzles with get more harder.
* Over an hour of gameplay with Save option!
* Great Soundtrack

Game is in 60% complete, but I work really hard everyday on it! I hope you will like it. I live you a screenshot of my game. See you!

Paper Killer | Point&Click Adventure Game!


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2011-07-26 05:35:49

how long do you think it will be before it is completed because i am really looking forward to playing it